In order to raise funds for the Epilepsy Project in honor of Ethan and in memory of Alyssa J. O'Neill, Millennium Sound is teaming up with the Brewerie to raffle off a Zac Brown Concert Package.

This package will include:

2 Pit (Front Row) tickets to Zac Brown Band 
December 13, 2013 at the Erie Insurance Arena

A dinner for 2 at the Brewerie


#31 - Brent Salisbury

Millennium Sound has strived to give back to the community when we can in the form of DJing fundraisers and events that support important causes. The recent passing of Alyssa O’Neill has reminded us yet again how important it is to Pay It Forward and not take one moment for granted. The Epilepsy Project is of particular importance to us as one of our own DJ’s, Andy Potocki, has a son inflicted with seizures. Here is Ethan’s story:


Ethan was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms at the age of 5 1/2 months.  After a month of trying different medications, he gained seizure-freedom in June of 2010.  After 8 months of seizure freedom, and weening off of all seizure medications, he began having "myoclonic jerks" in February of 2011 and has been through dozens of medications since.  Five weeks ago, he started a new medication, and we have witnessed his longest period of seizure freedom since 2010.


Ethan is now 3 1/2 years old and developmentally delayed (18 months) but shines his bright light upon this world each and every day. With an infectious grin and curly red hair, he is someone who finds his way into your heart the instant you meet him.  Today, Ethan is part of a special preschool class and attends numerous therapy sessions each week.  His is progressing developmentally (albeit slowly) and continues to smile and dance his way through life.


As a family, the Potocki’s have survived this by relying on their faith, family, and friends who are always there to help when they need it.

In honor of Ethan and in support of the Alyssa O’Neill project of Paying it Forward, #AJO, Millennium Sound is committed to doing our part in raising awareness.

If you purchased tickets, your number is below!  We will draw the number December 1, 2013 at 6:00 PM!

1kimberly shrader
2kimberly shrader
3kimberly shrader
4kimberly shrader
5kimberly shrader
6Kristin Rhebergen
7Kristin Rhebergen
8karie e bojarski
9karie e bojarski
10karie e bojarski
11karie e bojarski
12karie e bojarski
13Emily Compton
14Emily Compton
15Emily Compton
16Emily Compton
17Emily Compton
18Jamie PLaster
19Jamie PLaster
20kathryn ruf
21kathryn ruf
22kathryn ruf
23Brent Salisbury
24Brent Salisbury
25Brent Salisbury
26Brent Salisbury
27Brent Salisbury
28Brent Salisbury
29Brent Salisbury
30Brent Salisbury
31Brent Salisbury
32Brent Salisbury
33Brent Salisbury
34Brent Salisbury
35Brent Salisbury
36Brent Salisbury
37Brent Salisbury
38Jennifer Foutz
39Jennifer Foutz
40Jennifer Foutz
41Jennifer Foutz
42Jennifer Foutz
43Jennifer Foutz
44Jennifer Foutz
45Jennifer Foutz
46Jennifer Foutz
47Jennifer Foutz
48Jennifer Foutz
49Jennifer Foutz
50Jennifer Foutz
51Jennifer Foutz
52Jennifer Foutz
53Jennifer Foutz
54Jennifer Foutz
55Jennifer Foutz
56Jennifer Foutz
57Jennifer Foutz
58Michele Horneman
59Michele Horneman
60Michele Horneman
61Michele Horneman
62Michele Horneman
63Christine Michaelis
64Christine Michaelis
65Christine Michaelis
66Christine Michaelis
67Christine Michaelis
68Christine Michaelis
69Christine Michaelis
70Christine Michaelis
71Christine Michaelis
72Christine Michaelis
73Karen Potocki
74Karen Potocki
75Karen Potocki
76Karen Potocki
77Karen Potocki
78Karen Potocki
79Karen Potocki
80Karen Potocki
81Karen Potocki
82Karen Potocki
83Barbara Sundberg
84Barbara Sundberg
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178Amy Valentine
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